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Build your online store from the ground up on one of the Philippines’ top e-commerce marketplace platforms with our online merchandising services.

Our Online Merchandising Solutions

Online Store Setup & Design

Work with our ecommerce merchandising specialist to create an online store setup and design that rings true to your brand’s identity and look. We can create a look that’s not only eye-catching and contemporary but provides your visitors with a good user-experience as well. This will not only ensure conversions but will also encourage repeat customers.

Content & Production

No online store is complete without content and beautiful photos. Our ecommerce merchandising team can come up with engaging content that helps you stand out from your competition, draws your target market in, and tells a story about your brand and its products. Coupled with professional photographers, it’s a winning formula to getting your products flying off the shelf.

Online Marketplace Management

The online marketplace is rife with competition. Our merchandiser will get online and take proactive steps to get word out about your brand. Let our specialists handle managing the operations of your e-commerce marketplace, including watching over sales trends in the Philippines, predicting spikes, and examining growth opportunities, to help your business grow.

Order and Inventory Management

Staying on top of your inventory can greatly affect your business. Any shortage could mean a serious loss in business. Our online product merchandising officer will keep a diligent eye out on your stock, products, and any raw materials you may need. We’ll also keep track of the orders that arrive to be able to predict patterns and trends in your demand.

Payments and Invoicing

In order for your business to grow, you’ll need to be meticulous about the payments and invoicing you do for your customers. Each sale you make must be carefully tracked with an invoice sheet and every payment made logged into a corresponding tracker so you can cross-reference this with your inventory at the end of the month. Our ecommerce solutions can automate these steps for you to make it faster and foolproof.